Introduction to Music

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Welcome to EvCC Winter 2012 MUSC& 105 OL MUSIC APPRECIATION My name is Rick Waldron, and I will be the instructor/facilitator for this class. I will need your help, participation, and feedback to make this quarter's class a user friendly, meaningful learning experience-and have some fun in the process! The study of music in all its forms is probably one of the most exciting adventures anyone can pursue. Music is considered the universal language and the highest form of communication and expression. It maximizes our similarities and brings us closer together without undermining our individuality. It breaks down the barriers that isolate us while celebrating the unlimited possibilities and variety of human experience. This is an online course offered by Everett Community College. It offers historic and stylistic examinations of music from its beginnings in Western culture. Instructor: Rick Waldron (Music Department Chairman)

Everett Community College
2000 Tower Street
Everett, WA 98201
Campus Phone: (425) 388-9456
Office Location : Baker 107
On-campus office hours: MTWT 8:00-8:50 , M 11:00 -11:50
Although you will normally contact me through ANGEL email, if you need to contact me outside of the classroom, you can use my campus email:

Student Learning Objectives 
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1.  Demonstrate music listening skills.
2. Analyze and critique the audible aspects of music, including recognition of instruments by sound. •  Develop a general working knowledge of music: pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, and dynamics. 3. Discern the aesthetics of music by comparison of the modern idioms with idioms and styles of various historical periods. •  Explore how these elements have been turned into the great musical masterpieces of each historical period by creative musical geniuses. •  Develop an understanding of each musical period: its particular musical characteristics, forms, and styles; representative composers and their innovations and influence on musical composition and performance practices; and integrate the corresponding socio-economic, political, philosophical, and artistic environment with the music of the time. •  Recognize each musical period by its particular characteristics and distinguish one from another through listening to representative examples of each.  

Class Materials
These materials are available through the EvCC Bookstore. Get on this RIGHT AWAY. If you decide to buy these online or elsewhere, make sure you have the correct editions and ISBN numbers, and that they will arrive in time – we will begin using these the second week of the course.

You can also check these at the EvCC online bookstore:
1) Text,
2) Study Guide/Student Workbook
3) CD set
1) Music Dictionary
 Ed. 6 |  |  |Kamien |Music Study Guide and Student Workbook to accompany Music: An Appreciation 7th Brief Edition | | Required: 9780078025099
9780077440985) |  |  |Kamien |Music: An Appreciation 7th Brief Edition WITH Cd set | | Recommended: 9780674009783 |  |Introduction to Music |Randel |Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music | |Course of Study and Course Schedule Assignments will include:

•           Readings in your texts as well as any supplemental lectures or information, and listening assignments taken from your CD's. •           Study Guide Exercises and Unit Quizzes, answering each week's discussion questions, listening assignments, and actively participating in class discussion. •           You must comment on the answers and responses to discussion questions of at least 2 other students to fulfill class participation requirements. Your own answers to discussion questions must be...
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