Introduction to Microprocessors: Evolution of Microprocessors

Topics: Maxwell's equations, Magnetic field, Electromagnetism Pages: 4 (706 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Microprocessor 8085/8086

Unit-1: 8-bit Microprocessor
Introduction to Microprocessors: Evolution of Microprocessors, History of computers, memory devices: semiconductor memory organization, Category of memory, 8-bit Microprocessor (8085): Architecture, Timing and control unit, Instruction set, Addressing modes, Assembly Language Programming of 8085 Unit-2: 16-bit Microprocessor

16-bit Microprocessors (8086/8088): Architecture, Physical address, segmentation, memory organization, Bus cycle, Addressing modes, Assembly Language Programming of 8086. Unit-3: Interfacing Devices

Interfacing devices: 8255 (PPI), modes and interfacing of 8253, ADC IC (0808/0809, DAC and ADC Interfacing and Applications, 8257 (DMA), 8259(PIC).

1. R. S. Gaunkar, Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with 8085/8080, Penram Publication
2. D. V. Hall, Microprocessors Interfacing, TMH (2nd Edition). 3. R. Singh and B. P. Singh, Microprocessor Interfacing and Application, New Age International Publishers, 2nd Edition

Signal Systems & Network Analysis

Unit –1: Introduction to signals and system

Definition of signal, type of signals and their characteristics, signal analysis, complex frequency, step function, unit impulse, unit ramp and associated wave forms Definition of system, classification of system, basic properties of system (causality, time invariant, stability, linearity). Unit –2: Laplace and Z- transform

Laplace transform: Review of Laplace transforms, One-sided LT of some common signals, important theorems and properties of LT, inverse LT, solutions of differential equations using LT, Bilateral LT, Regions of convergence (ROC) , poles and zeroes, initial and final value theorems. Z-transform: Z-transform: One sided and Bilateral Z-transforms, ZT of some common signals, ROC, Properties and theorems, solution of difference equations using one-sided ZT,...
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