Introduction to Materials Science

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An I Engleză

Curs 1

Definition, relation to other branches of Technical Sciences Chemical composition – structure – properties – use correlation Classes of engineering materials: metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, multimaterials. References 1. V.Candea, C.Popa – Initiere in Stiinta Metalelor, Bucuresti, Ed.Vega 1995; 2. H.Colan, s.a. – Studiul Metalelor, Bucuresti, EDP 1983; 3. M.Radulescu – Studiul Metalelor, Bucuresti, EDP, 1982; 4. S.Gadea, M.Petrescu – Metalurgie Fizica si Studiul Metalelor, vol. 1,2,3, Bucuresti, EDP, 1979 – 1983; 5. D.Constantinescu, s.a. – Stiinta Materialelor, Bucuresti, EDP, 1983 6. D.Askeland – Introduction to Materials Science, J.Wiley & Sons, 1993 7. C. Paul – Materials Science and Engineering, ASM 1991

Materials Science : Branch of Technical Sciences that studies the chemical composition – structure – properties – use relation for engineering materials. Age : as a science, after 1840 (optical microscope)

Fig. 1 Inter-relations within Materials Science

Practical use: behaviour due to design and properties of materials → Functional characteristics Example: Car body strength / stiffness – determined by material and design mechanical stability (of shape in time) – same corrosion resistance – determined by material and joining technology (aluminium / steel, brass,...) weight – determines the fuel consumption 1

MATERIALE I Properties of materials:

An I Engleză determine the utilization properties of products Mechanical Physical Chemical (Technological)

Curs 1

Evolution of materials – for optimising the utilization properties: classical advanced – properties superior to classical ones smart – appropriate response to external stimuli A. According to the obtaining mode natural (bone, rock, wood, proteins, ...) synthesis B. According to the nature metals ceramics polymers

+ compound materials (composites, multimaterials)

• • • •

I. METALS 82 in the...
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