Introduction to Mass Communication

Topics: Black people, White people, African American Pages: 4 (1133 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Pick a movie of your choice and focus on three stereotypes it perpetuates. Discuss with example from your movie.


Movies often portray people in the most simplified way. Their gender, age, race, religion or social class usually configures the types of individual and certain groups of characters represented in movies. Directors and moviemakers rely a great deal on stereotypes as it establish and exudes traits of character in a movie. Stereotyping in movies, though oversimplified and inaccurate can lead to many common misconceptions about people in general. Take for example, how women cannot drive, or how all-middle easterners are terrorists. Stereotypes are basically the easiest way to categorise various groups of people with different lifestyles although it may be often sensationalized and unjustified.

There are many genres of movies on television. Comedy, take for example, regarded as the most favoured by many people oftentimes use humour to considerately address sensitive issues about race, gender and lifestyles. Marked by hidden aims and agenda, slapstick comedies usually elucidate fallacy of certain stereotypical flatulence to its viewers. Take for example, the movie White Chicks, featuring the Wayan’s brothers. A comedy about two African American FBI agents that goes deep undercover as high-society socialites to protect hotel heiresses’ white twin Wilson sisters from a suspected kidnapping.

All white blondes are dumb

The movie White Chicks includes a stereotypical character of very wealthy dumb blondes portrayed as daddy’s little princess and exhibiting lustful desires for men. All the white blonde girls in the movie exudes the air of witlessness and are perpetually vying with each other on expressive style, fame, assets, money and boys, and ultimately being dumb blondes. The portrayal of being airheads in seen in many parts of the movie. Take for example, in one seen where the Wilson sisters were screaming frantically and...
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