Introduction to Marketing

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Cameron Sadler

Assignment 1 – Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing:

In this report I shall describe and explain how marketing techniques are used in two separate organisations, the two I will be reporting on are “Apple” and also “Walkers”. I will also compare the different marketing techniques used in marketing the products, and evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques used in marketing products in the organisation “Apple”

Apple is a multination corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. In regards to marketing strategies that Apple use, the Ansoff matrix shows they would defiantly be using Product Development, as they are always trying to introduce new products into the already existing market of technology and electronics. They do this through development of new ideas and using the business to modify the the products resulting in a product which appeals alot more to the already existing market. Another strategy Apple would use would be Market Penetration as due to continuous Product Development they have managed to establish themselves as a market leader, they have driven out competing companies, by simply having the best products on the market.

Walkers are a snack food company specialising in potato crisps and are a leading company in the food industry. They are owned by the American organisation Pepsi Co, but have managed to become a major organisation in their own right. In regards to the marketing strategies that walkers may use, I would defiantly say that Product Development would come into play, Walkers have consistently been developing there crisps, bringing out new flavour combinations and styles of crisps. Walkers would also use Market Penetration as through consistent Product development, they have made there range of products more diversified and managed to build the Walkers brand on quality, resulting in them becoming a market leader of the food industry. They...
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