Introduction to Marketing

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Brand Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: June 8, 2012
BTEC Extended Diploma in Business Rachal Thomas Introduction to Marketing
Task 2 (M1)
“Compare, discussing the similarities and differences, the marketing techniques described in Task 1 used for the product or service chosen in each organisation”

Apple and Coca-cola have many similar marketing strategies for instance they both use relationship marketing. Although they better their products they want ensure that their customers will always buy off them, they do this for the value of the business. And just like most companies they were both created to make a profit. The both companies focus on how the public see them to keep these customers buying their brand; this also builds their reputation and helps them gain customers. As they are both huge companies worldwide their advertisement is mostly the same. They both use advertising such as television adverts, billboards and handouts ECT. Branding is a big part in both companies; both coca-cola and apple have a company name, logo. Branding is the strategy both companies use to influence how the public see them and buyer influence. They both influence their buyers by advertising making their products noticed and of high standard. During the Christmas period they both increase their advertising and how it is shown. They start using deals to sell their product (e.g. apple will give you discount). Coca-cola and apple both change and alter only one product, as they found that the way something looks increases your sales for example coca-cola have now create a medium size can people have never seen before and will buy just for its looks. Like coca-cola apple created and iPod shuffle and then changed the design because people would then want to test the product although it does the same as the original. Coca-cola also have their own websites so that...
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