Introduction to Literature

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 5 (1573 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Final Rough Draft Paper

Final Rough Draft Paper
Comparisons of two stories

Eng 125: Introduction to Literature

“The Welcome Table” By Alice Walker/ “What its like to be a black girl” by Smith Both of these stories represent the African American woman who have been forced to face challenges of sexism, racism and stereotypes in the American life.

I will compare and contrast the similarities of both of these poems. I will also explain and give examples to show how these two poems exhibit different scenarios but similar prejudice and stereotypes.

The main character, which is nearly blind, old black woman with a lean build and a grayish tone to her skin. She wears a mildewed black dress with missing buttons and grease-stained head rag covering her pigtails. She has sleepy look in her aged blue- brown eyes. Her appearance is very ash in color also very wrinkled. She is perspiring from her walk is seeming to be very cold while she is shivering. She has entered the church and sits in the first back row. These two women’s husbands physically throw her out. “The old woman stood at the top of the steps looking about in bewilderment”. She had been singing in her head. “They had interrupted her”. “She then started singing again however instead of a happy song she sang a sad song” After the woman is turned away from the church she senses the loneliness of it all and an outcast. “ As she started looking down the gray highway she saw something appealing to her. “She sees Jesus walking down the highway and is giddy with joy. Jesus then tells the old woman to follow him and she does. Walking alongside him. The appearance that she saw she new it was he. He listens to her sing and talk to him. She feels almost like a new woman a wonderful feeling has washed over her. She is very happy. In my opinion of this I feel that the woman feels in the end God will reward her with such love and wonderment in the end. Not because she is black but because she knows who she is through faith even though people try to steal that from her.

What its like to be a black girl, Gives us a point of view at a young black girl this is becoming into a black woman. During the time where both being a black girl, and trying to become a mature woman. Could indeed create possibly create both questions and also uncertainties in the young girls life. What’s it like.

Like to be a black girl who questions who she may really be. What’s it like to be the black girl who may feel how it is to not be accepted into society? Certain aspects of the character could possibly make you seriously believe that this young black girl is having the worst time trying to accept whom she is. This young girl tries to balance her body, with her still child-like mentality. Part of every young child into woman hood would also include a long white dress, which she wears on her wedding day on the very special day she makes a life with the one she loves forever. A chapter that ends and a new one begin in the young girls life (smith 1991).

The comparison that both of these women faces are there race and ethnicity. In the poem the Welcome Table the setting takes place at a church. The white people see the old black woman stagger into there church some made crude remarks about her which should not have been heard and others see images about this. Some of the women she her as a cook, chauffeurs, maids, or even as a mistress ( Ficken, Carl !985) to many of them this could seem like a stereotype of the color of people.

Where as in the What its like to be a black girl the young black women seems to feel as she doesn’t appear as pretty as some of the other girls around her. She says “ its dropping food coloring in your eyes to make them blue...
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