Introduction to Law

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  • Published : March 7, 2012
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EC 276: Introduction to Law

Instructor: Mr. Arshad Nawaz KhanSemester: Spring 2012
This course will provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of law, Legal System, the machinery of justice and its significance in the development of society. Since this course is being offered for the students of economics therefore the emphasis would be on the general applicability of law and its impacts on the social and economic growth of the society.

The following schedule would be observed.

Week 1
Introduction to the subject and methods of assessment
Definitions and scope of law
Week 2
Importance of law in civilizations
History of Law
Week 3
Functions and purposes of Law
State and law
Week 4
Source of law:
• Western
• Legislation
• Precedent
• Custom
• Religion
Week 5
Classification of law:
• Public and private law
• Substantive and procedural law
• Constitutional law
Week 6
Classification of law:
• Civil law
• Criminal law
• Law of contract
• Law of torts
• Family laws
Week 7
Classification of law:
• Law of property
• Corporate law
Week 8
Week 9
Legal institutions; Courts and Tribunals; Alternative Dispute Resolution Week 10
Introduction to common law, civil law and Islamic law
Week 11
Law and morality
Law and reasoning
Week 12
Law and religion
Law and ecology
Week 13
Economical analysis of law
Week 14
Interpretation of law

Week 15
Introduction to the legal system of Pakistan
Week 16
Rule of law, its significance and applicability
Week 17
Final exam

Grading Scheme:
Quizzes: 05
Assignments: 10
Class participation: 05
Midterm: 30
Final: 50
Suggested readings

• Slapper, G. (2010): How the Law Works: A Friendly Guide, Routledge, London • Stone, R. (2010): The Modern Law of Contract, 9th edition, , Routledge, London * Fenwick, H. and G. Phillipson (2010): Text, Cases and...
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