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Introduction to Language and Culture

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Introduction to Language and Culture

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Language and Culture or Culture and Language?

There are some understanding of the language described in the books of linguistics and dictionaries, but there is a definition based on this discussion. According to this definition, language is a regular system in the form of sound symbols used to express their feelings and thoughts of the language. This highlights the meaning of some terms as follows: 1. Language is a system, 2. Language system is voluntary (arbitary), 3. Language is basically sound, 4. Language is symbol, 5. The function of language is to express thoughts and feelings. In the nineteenth century linguists see language as an entity that has in common with living things, the character will change over time. Language can be named, and their origins can be traced. They are also being aware to compare the characteristics of equality and difference. William Dwight Whitney in The Life and Growth of language define language as everything that bodies forth thought and makes it apprehensible, in whatever way. Language then, signifies rather certain instrumentalities whereby men consciously and with intention represent their thought, to the end, chiefly, of making it known to other men : it is expression for the sake of communication. As for Ferdinand de Saussure and Alber Riedlinger in the Course in General Linguistics said that language has an individual aspect and a social aspect. One is not conceivable without the other. Saussure language is no longer seen as an entity that is seen from the outside in the changes over time, but the view of the language, as a system (langue). The system shows the potential of language as an option for speakers to produce speech. This potential is seen from the relationship padigmatik, the relationship between symbols in the system. Based on these characteristics from the perspective of Saussure saw language speakers, as speakers from the angle that reveals the choice that is when the system...

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