Introduction to International Relations

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In the context of the idea of “Nationalism”, what are the differences between the Scottish National Party and the British National Party?


Being today a central issue of the modern world, Nationalism, a term from nasci which means “to be born”, has most of the time been considered as a 19th century phenomenon, connected to the development and creation of nation-states .While seen by a large number of critics as outdated in other word old, not just because it is inherently expansionist but also destructive, others in meantime see it as a strength to re-enforce order and solve conflict. Thus, the issue of nationalism will therefore depend on a system every country adopts. If we take the United Kingdom(UK),a constitutional monarchy and unitary states which is composed of four(4) countries :England(London),Northern Ireland(Belfast),Wales(Cardiff) and Scotland(Edinburgh) has been governed by a Parliamentary system.However,it is argued that nationalism within the UK is both reactionary and progressive .The simply reason of this statement is that in different parts of UK,the notion of nationalism has components of both looking towards the future inclusively and progressively but ,also looking to their past regressively thus hoping to bring back their historical period. Britain and Scotland, being among these parts of UK, have for a centuries had political parties sometimes based on similar ideas but most of the time different from each others. The British nationalism referring to the nationalist ideas and policies’ application to the United Kingdom tends to promote the UK as a goal for national identity, social movements, comprises political and sentiment inspired by the love of British language, culture , history and not forgotten the pride of being British. Supported ,politically from the Euro scepticism of the conservative United Kingdom Independence Party and far-right British national party to the centre-right conservative Party and the left-centrist Liberal Democrats, British nationalism has had a progressive cause characterised by “a powerful but ambivalent force in British politics”. From this British nationalism, a party called the British national party will be one of our aim studies in this topic. As for Scotland, Nationalism being a political ideology and created in 1921 as primarily body based in London and largely influenced by Sinn Fein ,has most of the time supported greater autonomy for Scotland as part of the United Kingdom, but also the creation of a sovereign state. In which case Scottish nationalism can be referred to three (3) main elements: -The Scottish Independence with the advocacy of Scotland becoming a sovereign state -The Scottish national party with the main political party that support Scottish Independence. -The Scottish home rule, an organisation knew before the Devolved Scottish Parliament was created in 1999 that had for purpose to give Scotland the autonomy within the British Empire. From this nationalism , derived a national party called the Scottish national party.

It is therefore in the process Nationalism that, our aim target will be to identify the differences between the two major national parties in the United Kingdom known as the British National Party (BNP) and the Scottish National

To begin with, we should start by saying that the Scottish National Party (SNP), a civic party with strong democratic leanings and non-nationalist was first created in (1934) having as aim to promote justice, caring and enterprising community by making Scottish potential as an independent nation in the mainstream of modern Europe. Wishing to be completely independent from Britain, the Scottish national party has always wanted to be a separate state making its own decisions not just in Europe but throughout the...
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