Introduction to Ict

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What is ICT?
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Information and communication technologies (ICT) is an umbrella term that covers all advanced technologies in manipulating and communicating information. The term is sometimes used in preference to information technology (IT), particularly on these two communities: education and government. The common usage ICT is synonymous assumed the fact that IT or ICT encompasses all mediums, to record information (magnetic disk/tape, optical disks (CD/DVD), flash memory etc. and arguably also paper records); technology for broadcasting information - radio, television; and technology for communicating through voice and sound or images - microphone, camera, loudspeaker, telephone to cellular phones. It includes the wide varieties of computing hardware (PCs, servers, mainframes, networked storage). It has rapidly developed a personal hardware market that comprises mobile phones, personal devices, (MP3, MP4, MP5 and MP6) players, laptops, palmtops etc. The full gamut of application software, spans from the smallest home-developed spreadsheet to the largest enterprise packages and online software services; similarly the hardware and software needed to operate networks for transmission of information, again ranging from a home network to the largest global private networks operated by major commercial enterprises and, of course, the Internet. "ICT" makes more explicit technologies such as broadcasting and wireless mobile telecommunications. It should be noted that "ICT" with this English definition is different in nuance and scope compare to the "ICT" in...
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