Introduction to Humanities: Syllabus

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Course Title| Catalog Number|
Introduction to Humanities| HUM 120|
Semester| Year|
FALL| 2012|
Instructor’s Name| Instructor’s Campus Location|
Daniel Mahan| ACTC/College Drive Campus|
Office| Instructor’s Telephone Number|
436| 606 326-2034|
Instructor’s | |
| |
Course Descriptions and Policies|
Course Description|
Interdisciplinary course acquainting students with the humanities including five or more of the following topics: art, literature, drama, philosophy, music, architecture, religion, and mythology. Students will explore basic methods, themes, and forms of each discipline through exposure to primary materials.| Course Text(s)|

Landmarks in Humanities Gloria K. Fiero, Third Edition| McGraw-Hill Higher Education 13-978-0-07-337664-6 Available at your school’s bookstore or online from McGraw-Hill ASSIGNMENTS: All of your assignments are laid out for you in MyConnect and under Content in Blackboard. Once you have access to MyConnect, you will be able to see every assignment. You have access to all homework assignments at 8 AM on January 14th. Each assignment has a due date. I do not accept the assignment after the due date (actually you can still submit with a 10% reduction per hour rate), but it must be submitted on or before the 8 AM due date to get full credit. There are no exceptions to this. All assignments are available to you now. Be aware of the due date, which is the last day to submit and get credit for your work! You have been given ample time to get the work done. Take advantage of it! READ! READ! READ! The first thing you should do is read the chapter. After you have read a chapter, you should be ready to do your homework. The book is the heart of this course, and it is expensive. So, read it! Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)You have to complete the Multiple Choice Questions for each chapter. In the assignmentsin MyConnect Multiple Choice Questions are listed as MCQs. The number of questions varies from chapter to chapter from ten to forty, but this is part of your homework for each chapter. Keep taking the quiz until you get all the questions right in order to receive full credit for the assignment. Each question is worth one point. The Unit Exam questions are taken directly fromthese quizzes. So, you are learning the information that will be on your exams. Essay Questions You have a series of essay questions as homework for each chapter as well. There are usually three questions per chapter, but there are a couple of chapters with only two. Each question has a value of ten points. Your answers to the questions should be a well-developed paragraph in your best writing. I’m grading your writing. Give the question some thought, and give me your best writing work. Above all else, do not plagiarize!!! Copy nothing from any other source, and do not quote the book. Any plagiarism receives a zero. I am a tyrant about this! I insist that the answers to...
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