Introduction to Human Ecology

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Introduction to Human Ecology
Fall, 2012

Instructor’s Information You should feel free to contact me at any time.

George F. Clark:209 Cook Office Building,, 848-932-9207
Office Hours: T/TH 12:00-2:00 & by arrangement
Teaching: TTh 2:30-3:25, Intro Lecture, Loree 022
TTh 4:10-5:05, Intro Lecture, Loree 022
TTh 5:35-6:55, Population, Resources & Environment, CDL 102


The required text for the class is the Introduction to Human Ecology reader (5th revised edition) edited by Clark. You are also asked to acquire one of seven other books to be used in recitation for the oral book presentation and book paper. The seven are Savages by Kane, Changes in the Land by Cronon, The Big Thirst by Fishman, Tomatoland by Estabrook, Legacy of Luna by Hill, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story by Freinkel and Sleeping Nude is Green by Farquharson. They are all available at NJ Books and B & N.


Both lectures have agreed to have two non-cumulative examinations during the semester and a third during the finals period. Exams will be given in lecture, but will be specific to recitation classes. Dates for the two in-semester exams will be decided in class; those at a disadvantage may make other arrangements with their instructors. Exams cover all assigned readings, books, films, and in-class lecture and recitation materials and employ a variety of question types. The other requirements include a group book presentation, individual book paper, and two film papers. Attendance and participation may count, depending upon recitation section. Weightings of requirements, due dates, and late policy are all set in recitation. Each recitation is bound by the rules agreed upon at the start of the semester. If you have problems or questions, please ask. There is now a self-reporting system at Rutgers for absences, although we would still appreciate you communicating...
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