Introduction to Hrms at Tata Consultancy Services

Human resource management, Competence (human resources), Payroll

The Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) enables you to achieve a well managed human resource system, turning HR management into a strategic advantage.

What is Human Resource Management?

Today, the most successful enterprises continuously review and improve their business functions, searching for new ways to streamline processes to make them more effective and to use them to gain competitive advantage. Human Resource Management is responsible for addressing the workforce aspect of this continuous improvement.

How has the role of Human Resource Management changed?

Human resource management was originally an administrative and welfare role within an enterprise. This often included recruitment and record–keeping functions. This role was primarily reactive in nature. Human Resources responded to the needs of both managers and employees, but did not anticipate them. In the last few decades, human resource management has evolved and assumed a more proactive role, from automated processing, to the provision of a new level of strategic value.

Why is Human Resource Management important?

The people within your enterprise produce the goods and provide the services that fuel your enterprise. At the same time, the human cost is often the biggest cost a company incurs. Well managed human resources directly improve your enterprise and contribute to a competitive advantage. If your enterprise has strategic, value added human resource management you will hire, motivate and retain the most capable workforce. You will have the ability to engage employees and line managers directly in managing their skills and careers to your enterprise’s advantage. Furthermore, you will have accurate, up–to–date workforce information for managers and executives.

What applications comprise the HRMS family suite?
HRMS consists of the following applications. These are all
separate products powerfully integrated into one application family.

 Human Resources
 Payroll...
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