Introduction to Hotel Industry

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According to the British laws a hotel is a place where a “bonafied” traveler can receive food and shelter provided he is in a position to for it and is in a fit condition to receive. Hotels have a very long history, but not as we know today, way back in the 6th century BC when the first inn in and around the city of London began to develop. The first catered to travelers and provided them with a mere roof to stay under. This condition of the inns prevailed for a long time, until the industrial revolution in England, which brought about new ideas and progress in the business at inn keeping. The invention of the steam engine made traveling even more prominent. Which had to more and more people traveling not only for business but also for leisure reasons. This lead to the actual development of the hotel industry as we know it today. Hotel today not only cater to the basic needs of the guest like food and shelter provide much more than that, like personalized services etc. Hotels today are a “Home away from home”. CLASSIFICATION OF HOTEL Hotel can be classified into different categories or classes, based on their operational criteria. For example the type of accommodation they provide, location of the property, type of services provided, facilities given and the clientele they cater to can help categories hotels today.

Hotels today are basically classified into the following categories: 1 Market segment: • Economy / limited services hotel • Mid market hotel • All suite hotels • Time-share hotels • Condotel / Condiminium • Executive hotels • Luxury / Deluxe hotels Property type: • Traditional hotel • Motels • Bread and break fast inns • Commercial hotel • Chain hotel • Casino hotel • Boutique hotels • Resorts o Spa’s

o Conference resorts 2 According to size: • Small hotels [150 rooms] • Medium hotels [up to 299rooms] • Large hotels [up to 600rooms]

Other classification can be based on: a) Market segment b) Property type c) Size d) Level of services e) Owner ship and application f) Plans g) Type of patronage h) Length of guest stay i) Location etc …

MARKET SEGMENT Economy hotel: It provides efficient sanity private rooms with bath. The furnishing and decor are acceptable to majority of travelers. Food and beverage service may or may not be available. Mid market hotels: They offer comfortable accommodation with private on premises bath. Food and beverage services and uniformed bell staff. They offer above average luxury. All Suite hotels: It offers separate sleeping and living areas along with a kitchenette and a stocked bar, and offer class service.

First class hotels: They are luxury hotels with exceptional decor better than average food and beverage service, uniformed bell services. They often have 2 or 3 dining rooms, swimming pool, spas etc.

Deluxe hotels:

They are better and offer more specialized services than first class hotels. They also provide limousine services. PROPERTY TYPE Traditional hotels:

They have the basic concept of rooms with break fast, bell desk services and the other usual services. Motels: They are located on highways. Guest is given parking right outside their rooms. The usually have a gas station / workshop attached to them. Resorts: They are usually situated in tourist locations like on rivers, mountains, jungles, or the sea. They give more privilege to sports activities leisure and re-creation activities like manages, sightseeing, adventure sports, etc. Resident hotels: Where guest stay for longer duration, stay like weeks, months even years. Casino hotels:

They are hotels usually in tourist spots and mainly cater to people who are on holidays. Casino hotels like the name suggest offer gambling facilities along with accommodations. SIZE Small hotel – up to 150 rooms Medium hotels –150 to 299 rooms Large hotels – 299 to 600 rooms Extra large hotels – above 600 rooms

LEVEL OF SERVICES: World-class services: They target top business...
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