Introduction to Hospitality Management

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Complete Case Study #1

Meat’s Impact

Intro to Hospitality Management

Professor: Warren Jahn

November 18, 2012

From reading “Meats Impact”, it is important to note that eating less meat lowers heart disease, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. Also, by substituting eggs or fish for red meat and dairy one day of the week for one year would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It states that people who eat more red meat than others have a 40% higher risk of dying of a heart attack, stroke, etc. For every kilogram of beef we eat, 27 kilograms of greenhouse gases are released into the environment (Meat’s Impact).

This article points out specific things about eating red meat and how it impacts a person’s health. I do not believe that this article will persuade the restaurant industry to change because honestly, these are things that have to be decided by ourselves, no one can make the changes in our lives, only we can. It is hard to say that the restaurant industry would be to blame for me getting a heart attack because I decided to eat a lot of red meat in my life. They would be to blame if they forced me to order it or forced me to eat it, but it would be my decision and not theirs to eat and order red meat. This article is a good wake up call for those of us that do not feel as though eating red meat is a big deal to our health or the environment for that matter. It shows statistics of what happens when we make unhealthy choices and it explains how not only does it affect us (our bodies) but it affect everyone around us too, through the environment. It is a good read for everyone to know what they are putting into their bodies and for them to know the differences that they could make if they would not eat red meat. Other than that it is not a big threat to the restaurant industry because they are going to keep selling meat regardless of what this article says. It is a matter of personal preference not whether or not red...
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