Introduction to Genghis Khan

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Historical events are those which determine who we are now and what journeys we have walked to reach to this point. Considering the importance of historical events and especially of Genghis Khan Empire in our country and my personal interest in the field of history I have chosen the Legacy of Genghis Khan Mogul as my Monograph title. From the time I was at high school I was interested in reading historical books, and it gave me the opportunity to think deeply about who we are and how our nation struggled through history. At the time of high school I read about Genghis Khan, and become interested to search more about him, because his legacy and what he did changed the history his empire was one of the greatest empire on earth. And how his attention turned on Persia and Khorasan (Afghanistan) is quite important. Because at first he was interested in having trade with these nations but how it turned to be vice versa is quite astonishing. Since I believe studying the history of Genghis is important for what he did and for that it’s closely related to our history I have decided to have a broader research on the legacy of Genghis. Before stating who will read it and who will benefit from this Monograph I am going to summarize in one paragraph who was Genghis and what he did. Genghis khan also called Temujin was born in Mongolia in 1162, he was born in a noble family. He was the first emperor of Yuan Dynasty. His father grandfather was a khan in Mongolia. Genghis khan father was also a the chief of a tribe. It’s said married to four wives. In 1206 he was elected the khan of whole Mongolia. He unified the Mongolia and all tribes, made a great army and conquered many countries around the Mongolia. He was the founder of Mongolian empire. After many years of struggles and efforts he died in age of 66. As said by him he was buried secretly in Mongolia. After his dead his emperor was divided among his sons. Genghis khan was a national hero for Mongolia. He...
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