Introduction to Forensic Psychology Unit 9 Final Project

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Son Who Kills His Parents
Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Professor Araujo
Aretha Franklin
September 04, 2012
Some mental health patients do not seek help for their issues, and the ones who do they don’t take their medicine to get better. There are cases where mental health patients have commit crimes and were sent to prison or to a mental facility for further help. The number of persons with mental illness in U.S. jails continues to grow. Currently the prevalence of active serious mental illness among inmates admitted to U.S. jails is about 7 percent, which means that nearly 700,000 persons with active symptoms of severe mental illness are admitted to jails annually. For those persons in prison, recent Bureau of Justice Statistics reports approximately 16% or about 233,000 are also similarly diagnosed. About 75 percent of these people have a co-occurring alcohol or drug use disorder (Torrey EF, Steiber J, Ezekiel J., Wolfe SM, Sharfstein J., Noble JH, Flynn LM: 2000).

Things I would like to know about Edward is how come he wasn’t place in a mental health facility? Why he didn’t take his medicine for his mental health issues? Why didn’t the parents do anything with him when he chocked his sister? Why did he shoot his parents and was the Wilson his biological parents or was he adopted? How did his parents treat him at home? Why did he decide one day to kill them? I would interview his sister because she was there around him all the time. I would interview his friends (if he had any); because they knew things about him that his family members might not know about him. They could tell me if he was planning something in killing his parents. They could tell me as to why he was going to kill his parents. Other information they could tell me is to why he act the way they act and why didn’t he take his medicine knowing he has a problem.

The competency to stand trial is you need a mental health expert to explain to the court how Edward’s mental health had a problem with home. The mental health expert could explain to the court why Edward shot his parents. None of the report shows how his parent’s treated him at home and why he really shot them that night of February 04. The expert to prove to the court as to how a mental issue was wrong with Edward knowing he wasn’t taking his medicine caused him to go off on his parents. Expert would have look up documents stating that Edward has a mental health issue.

Questions I would ask would be why did you kill your parents? What they do to you so bad for you to kill them? Why did you chock your sister at the kitchen table? Did you feel safe at home? Why did you stop taking your medicine and did someone tell you to stop taking them? Did you hate your parents or did you just hate your life? Do you think if you had mental treatment to help you would your parents would still be alive? Why didn’t you seek help for your mental health issues? Did you have anyone to talk to about your mental issue or any problems at home? Did you have any friends that could have helped you or talk to? How was your treated at school was everyone nice or did they pick on you? If you could turn back the hands of time would you change anything about what you did like kill your parents? I’m just mainly as to why did you kill your parents?

I would use his friends, a journal and his mental health doctors. If he had an internet check his emails or post that he may have to see if he posted anything about his life or what he was planning on killing his parents. I would ask teachers and other classmates as to how he acted at school and how well his school work is. Did he show any signs of mental issues or depression or anger towards anyone? Did he have any friends or certain people he hang around? No he meets the criteria for competency because he has a mental health issue, and was seen for it but never took his...
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