Introduction to Film Midterm/Analysis

Topics: Film editing, Girl, Camera Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: March 16, 2012
Eleazer Mills

M – The Monster Awakens
1.M is off center and above eye level in the shot as well as the little girls reflection in the mirror. ii.Camera Angle
1.The camera is at a slightly low angle.
iii.Camera Motion
1.The camera stays in the same position although it is slightly shaky. b.Cuts
i.Continuity editing
1.There are only sharp cuts/transitions with no fading
1.There are no montages.
a.This scene shows how M is an ordinary guy with a problem that he has no control over. He is going about his day until he catches a glimpse of the little girl. He seems to try and fight the force inside of him but ultimately he gives in his inner “monster”. Once the monster is unleashed he starts to whistle and follow the innocent young girl.

Sunset Blvd – If the lady is paying.
a. Shots
1.Mostly eye-level shots and then a two-shot of the two men in the clothing store. ii.Camera Angle
1.There is a slightly low angle during the two-shot and there is a high angle of the pool at the end of the clip. iii.Camera Motion
1.There is a horizontal pan while the man and woman are discussing the clothes. The camera zooms to the two-shot. There is also a vertical pan on the pool shot. b.Cuts
i.Continuity editing
1.There are no continuity edits
1.There is no montage
a.This scene makes an emphasis of the relationship between the couple. She is trying to dress him up and shower him with gifts. He seems to finally realize the scope of their relationship with the shop attendant implies that he should spare no expense since his “sugar momma” is paying. At the end of the scene they cut to her mansion, which looks, gloomy, old, and decrepit. This is symbolic of the woman who used to be glamorous just as the home looked when it was new. This could also represent how he feels about her....
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