Introduction to Electromechanical Controllers

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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* Electronic Controller uses electrical signals and digital algorithms to perform its receptive, comparative and corrective functions. is best suited for applications where large load
changes are encountered and/or fast response changes are required. Trerice Electronic Controllers have full auto tuning and PID capabilities, and offer a host of available options, including user selectable inputs and ranges, outputs, setback functions, and alarms. An economical “on/off” only style is also available for simple control applications.

* Electromechanical controller is a type of traffic signal controller. Despite the fact that computerized traffic signal controllers have dominated the world of traffic signal control, electromechanical traffic signal controllers are still in existence.

Electromechanical controllers have been in existence for over 60 years, and they are interesting in many ways, such as how they operate, for example. An electromechanical controller is solely operated by electrical relays. Electrical relays are what provide electrical currents to the important parts that are responsible for controlling the indications of a traffic signal that the electromechanical traffic signal controller is wired to * ELECTRICAL CONTROLLER

For actuating a number of electrical devices in accordance with control inputs received from a number of control input sources includes a number of optical isolators having inputs coupled to the control input sources. The optical isolators function to electrically isolate each of the control input sources from each other and to provide individual control voltages corresponding to the control inputs received from the control input sources. The outputs of the optical isolators are coupled through a user-actuable matrix switch to the coils of a number of relays which, in turn, control the electrical devices. Through various settings of the matrix switch, various ones of the electrical devices can be actuated in...
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