Introduction to Education

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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EDF 1005
14 January 2013
The purpose of education is to create a healthy and well developed society, where the center is the educated and resourceful individual. It is to teach us how to think and analyze the world around but not to tell us what to think and what to do. It aims at creating the necessary understanding for what is good and bad individually, To develop creative thinking and imagination. Eric Hofer, a well known American writer, supposes that the purpose of education is to cultivate the will and offer the tool to learn. In his opinion the purpose of education is to create individuals that are able to learn by themselves. Education can also help a person gain his/her goals and career objectives that as a result will create conditions for economic growth and overall welfare. Knowledge builds humans with lots of resources out of illiterate individuals. The purpose of education is to offer personal and career fulfillment. An educated person will more likely to have educated children so technically education continues through generations, which in turn creates a more educated community. A student’s role is also to be motivated about their learning. If students are truly interested in learning, it is their job to think. Students should be active in their education. By active, I mean that students should contribute to classroom discussions by not only answering questions posed by the teacher, but answering questions posed by their classmates. Students should feel free to ask questions, or express their own ideas about a subject, not only to their teacher, but also their classmates. This allows students to construct their own knowledge about learning, and apply it to their education. When thinking, students should be able to find some prior experience or knowledge to apply this new learning. When doing so, they should mentally prepare themselves to learn more about this new concept or idea. We all know that school is not for everyone. Students should be...
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