Introduction to Critical Thinking

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  • Published: March 24, 2013
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I think that there are various qualities to products that help forge associative links between the consumer and the product. For example, if your mother used Tide, and you grew up wearing clothes that smelled of Tide, then it's likely that Tide will evoke thoughts and memories for you. These may be good or bad. If they're good, then this might be a basis for brand loyalty, "beyond reason" to quote the Persuaders.

I would like to give my opinion; another reason why people get attached to or identifies themselves with a brand is because other people have it or use it too, for example the brand Apple, iphones, ipods, ipads are used and bought because people are following others, they like to feel “cool” or be “fashion” by having such products. Is not always loyalty what makes some people be attached to a particular brand.

If companies fund schools, and the schools allow the companies to install vending machines in the schools in return for the funding, then wouldn't this also be a way that brand loyalty can be initiated among young children?

Yes it is. Kids in schools will be exposed to brands like Coke, Cheetos, Doritos, etc. and they ll be more likely to consume these since they have easy access, so at home they ll show preference for these brands over others, therefore their parents be more likely to buy them and over the years their preference and attachment will increase.

For me, I use products that work for me and that is in my budget for that month. I tend to keep the same items each moth because I find them to get the job done. some people do buy products because they are persuaded by the media. I never have gone by what the majority people are using because the name of a product but only buy hoe it performs. Sometime loyalty is logical because you are familiar with how the product is used, tastes, sounds or operates. I can't really say when loyalty is not logical because everyone definition of logical is different to the next persons. For example, buying mascara for $15 or a pair of jeans for $60(which I've never paid that much for jeans yet), could be logical for me than the next person may think that it is too much money to pay for those items.It is fun to try new things but it can also be a downer when you buy something and it is not all what you were hoping for like a workout DVD or CD album for instance.

You make a good point here, what is logical for some people may not be logical for others, and you gave a good example, it is not logical for me when I see people spending hundreds of dollars in clothes, purses, or shoes. It will be illogical for me to spend big amounts on things that for me are not worth all that money. But again other may see this spending as something normal and logical.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I am loyal to only one brand but I will say I am loyal to a specific store…Target. I absolutely love it; they provide everything and anything! I buy groceries, clothes, shoes, electronics, and even furniture at Target. Every time I visit Target, I have to mentally prepare myself so I walk out only with what I need and not $200.00 worth of things I want. I don’t believe this is logical because I can find the same items at Wal-Mart for a lower price. The reason I continue my loyalty to target is because they provide quality goods and it is a “one-stop-shop.”

I think the reason you don’t see it logical is because they are both convenience stores that pretty much offer the same products and their prices are not too different, the logic comes when you compare the quality of products both stores offer, you think Target offers more quality than Wal-Mart therefore you have preference for Target.

* This test is meant to evaluate the students' abilities to critically read an argument, identify the issue that it addresses, the conclusion taken in response to the issue, and the reasons used to rationally support the conclusion.

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