Introduction to Computers by Peter Norton 6th Ed

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Chapter 1: Introducing Computer Systems Lesson 1A: Exploring Computers and Their Uses Lesson IB : Lookina Inside the Computer Svstem Chapter 2: Interaction with Your Computer Lesson 2A: Using the Kevboard and Mouse Lesson 2B: Inputting Data in Other Wavs Chapter 3: Secinq, Hearing, and Printin') Data l>ctnn 3A; Virfpo and Snunri Lesson 3B: Printinq Chanter 4: Processing Data Lesson 4A: Transfbrmina Data into Information Lesson 4B: Modem CPUs Chapter 5; Storina Data Lesson SA: Types of Storaqe Devices Lesson SB: Measurinq and Improving Drive Performance Chapter 6: Usina Ooeratinu Systems Lesson 6A: Oporatinq Svstem Basics lesson 6B: Survev of PC and Network Operatino Systems Chanter 7: Networks Lesson 7A: Networkinq Basics 2 3 24 48 49 68 88 89 1 07 124 12S Ufi m m 107 Chapter 0: Working in the Online World Lesson 9A: Connectinq to the Internet Lesson 9B: Doinq Business in the Online World Chapter 10: Workinq with Application Software Lesson 10A: Productivity Software Lesson 10B: Graphics and Multimedia Chapter 11: Database Management Lesson 11A: Database Manaqement Systems Lesson 11B: Survey of Database Systems Chanter 12: Software Proaramminq and Development Lesson 12A: Creating Computer Proqrams Lesson 12B: Proaramminq Lanauaoes and the Proqramminq Process Chanter 13: Protectina Your Privacy. Your Computer, and Your Data 330 331 345 382 263 383 400 401 42Q

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Lesson 13A: Understanding the Need for Security Measures 204 Lesson 13B: Takina Protective Measures 205 Appendix A: Creating Your Own Web Paae 22k Appendix B: Buyinq Your First Computer 242 Appendix C: Computer Viruses

Annendix D: History of Microcomputers 243 267 Appendix E: Self-Check Answers...
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