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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Brad Kennedy
Professor Leeson
College AAA
The Secrets of Life
The one secret of life that jumped out of the article was "Don't settle for happiness." The idea of happiness in general is a skewed term. Many philosophers have researched the idea of morality through the pursuit of happiness. Some philosophes such as would even go as far as to say that the sole pursuit of happiness is not a time well spent. It is hard not to agree that happiness isn't always the largest priority.

The idea of the "pursuit of happiness" is very widely interpreted. Happiness is a socially relative term. Objects that make certain individuals happy aren't ensured to make other individuals equally happy. Some of the things that many people enjoy to do such as sing or play drums can actually be disruptive and irritating to others. Not everyone has the same "pursuit of happiness."

Some philosophers have debated whether the happiness could be a template to base morality off of. Aristotle is a well known philosophe who was opinionated on the subject. He viewed happiness as the most essential thing to life. He created a "virtue theory" basically stating that if humans follow what makes them ultimately the happiest, then based off of their enlightened mood they are likely to live a better life.

English philosopher John Locke agreed that individuals should pursue happiness. However, he thought that the happiness desired should be over an entire lifetime as opposed to an impuslive reaction. If a person see's a brownie that they crave and they don't eat it then they are following their entire happiness. While the brownie might satisfy her immediate happiness, the result of eating foods such as brownies are unhealthy and can make you unhappy over a longer duration.

Some philosphers disagree with these two entirely. Immanuel Kant describes the pursuit of happines as "suitable only to swine." He states that pigs roll around in mud because it is fun for them, however, they are...
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