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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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The way in which legislation in society affects the business. As most of the equity of PROTON is owned by the government it enjoys much flexibility of the laws and gets advantage from the taxes and tariff. On the other hand there are restrictions on the import of car in Malaysia as a result they get competitive advantage from here. As Malaysia is a member of ASEAN proton cars also get some advantage on the intra-regional tariffs and non-tariff barriers, and also get easy access to larger market as having the Government organization of Malaysia.So, Proton cars either locally or overseas have certain legal advantages, such advantages can to Proton car development to pave the way.In the legal aspects of the Proton car,it already has many advantages, these advantages can also affect some of the major decisions of the company, Proton cars have been established for 29 years, with strong government support and a good reputation in people's reckoning, have the most of the market share in Malaysia,these legal advantages, will make the company's decision-making has become more radical, to try to occupy more and more market. ENVIRONMENTAL

The environmental system is the natural system in which life takes place. Increasingly businesses have become aware of the relationship between their economic activity. It includes natural resources, weather, climatic conditions, port facilities, topographical factors such as soil, sea, rivers, rainfall etc. Car company Proton, rising gasoline prices of resources, so that more people realize that buying a car must be fuel-efficient the Proton car needs to be adjusted in terms of car design, making the design of the car in the era of rising oil prices have a good cost-effective. In Malaysia, a year during the dry season and the rainy season, weather factors, which will affect the Proton car in the design and manufacture of the product according to local conditions, making the car manufacturing enough to withstand the...
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