Introduction to Bibliometrics

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Introduction to Bibliometrics

Bibliometrics is the scientific analysis of various texts and information. Bibliometrics are being used increasingly in order to establish the research impact or research influence that an article has. Bibliometrics focus on quantitative and qualitative data analysis in order to describe publication patterns within a field of research. This information can be used to evaluate the influence or performance of a researcher and to provide a comparison between researchers.  There are various evaluation methods that give rise to the bibliometric analysis which help in the measurement of the quality of a certain publication. Some of these include: * Quantity indicators: This deals predominantly with the number of publications and citations credited to the authors or the article, world share of publications, number of publications in credible journals etc.

* Performance Indicators: This example includes the Field normalized citation score (including the “crown indicator”) which measures the research impact of a group of authors. It compares the average number of citations to the group’s publications to the average number of citations to international publications from the same year, in the same subject area and of the same document type.

* Journal performance indicators: This refers to the credibility of the journal and its ranking In order to determine the quality of the article.

* Structural Indicators: This refers to the various patters in the publication and the citation. The data can be used to examine correlations in publications, the authors and the fields, for example which researchers have worked together or in what fields a selection of articles were published.

Citation Analysis
The methods chosen for discussion in the paper are citation based. Citation analysis is based on the various citations made by authors. Citation analysis uses citations in published articles to establish links. Various links can...
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