Introduction to Art; Renaissance Art

Topics: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Wealth Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Francois Clouet was a painter to the Kings and his work “Lady in Her Bath” embraced the new form of artistic expression. The way the characters are drawn and the mood and emotions that the characters’ portray are typical of artists of that time. There were various social, political and religious themes that influenced artists from that era.

The term Renaissance is French for “rebirth”. It was a rebirth of Europe from the 14th through the early 17th centuries. Europe emerged from the economic stagnation of the Middle Ages and experienced a time of financial growth. This era turned artistic, social, scientific and political thoughts in new directions.

François Clouet’s Lady in Her Bath painting reflect the ideology and culture of the Renaissance Era because by looking the woman in the bath she shows a great deal of wealth. The Lady in Her Bath painting to me shows that this woman was from one of the wealthy families in France at this time. In the picture she is wearing what I would consider an expensive piece of jewelry, she is also wearing a ring on the same hand. In the Renaissance Era, people of the working class didn’t wear jewelry. Most could not afford to cloth or feed themselves.

Another reason I believe this woman to either be of a rich family or mistress to a well to do man is her fingers are properly manicured, she has a platter with fresh fruits, and the luxury of bathing. People of that time were not known to be big on higene or bathing, most likley they didnt have the money to afford fuel to heat a fire to warm the water for a bath. They would normally have to take their baths in springs or creeks. Also in that photo, there is a little boy reaching for the fruits. I believe this to be one of the children to the offspring to woman in the bath, the wet nurse in the picture is also another indicator to the wealth of the woman in the bath, only the rich of that time could afford the constant care of their prodigy. Also, a wet nurse...
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