Introduction to Anthropology

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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ANTH100 Introduction to Anthropology
Professor Marino
16 December 2012

Culture plays a great role in anthropology. Studying culture for an anthropologist will take them far and wide to different people and to different places, some not known to man, or people in your own back yard. To study culture you need to find what interests you as an anthropologist and find a group of people to address. Anthropology has four sections that all fall into the study of culture, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology and Archaeology. Cultural Anthropology is the one that centralizes on human culture, how people act and different expressions that humans have (Park, 2008)”. To be able to go too far off lands and study people like the Yanomamö of Brazil is a great learning experience for an cultural anthropologist. How they lived, to assist in medical needs and nutrition, how they get food and stay worm is what they would be studying and learning from them. To learn their story from their prospective has to be a great thing but the results are by far worth it. I find it hard to study people without being somewhat judgmental. It is hard to watch anyone struggle with things and know if they just changed something life would be easier for them. I chose a location that still amazes me to this day, outside a store on black Friday. Why anyone would weather the cold and rain on a black Friday for a good deal that they may or may not get is beyond me but I wanted to see what the result was. Sitting on a cold metal chair, watching people park their vehicles. The spots closest to the store are already full, so the customers will have to walk from the end of the parking lot to the store. Some vehicles had painted decorations on the windows to start the holiday festivities. I saw one vehicle that had the Grinch and a wreath on the back window that stated happy holidays 2012. There are barriers everywhere to direct the people. Some of the barriers are planters that are part of the decoration and some are metal and they are used to keep the people from not cutting the line. The line to get into the store goes all the way around the store, and when I say all the way around the store, I mean all the way around the store. The store is a huge brick building the size of a good size warehouse, with a sidewalk that is decorated in the nicest brick I have ever seen. It is a brown decorative brick with notches in the brick. Huge potting plants sit in the front of the store that is made of tiny rocks and clay. They look like they held living plants in the summer and some nice fall plants before the cold set in and killed them. Around the store you can see houses that are already decorated in Christmas lights. They are festival lights of green, red and white. One house had music and the lights blinking to the music I saw big blow up decorations of Santa, Santa’s house and huge candy canes. It is 2am so you can see the lights very well. You can also see the stars in the sky and the people breath in the cold as they walk by to get into line. As the people wait in line I notice it is getting colder and colder out. It smells of winter and a wood stove burning from the houses around me. You can also smell the exhaust from the vehicles pulling in the parking lot. I see the people that are first in line are jumping up and down trying to stay warm. The people toward the front of the line seem like they were there for a long time and are getting tired of waiting. They talk among each other in quiet whisper. The people in line speak many different languages. Some speak louder than others, some I understand and some I just don’t speak or understand the language they are speaking. It seems to be several different languages besides English. I notice that they speak in the groups they came with; every now and again I see them speak English to people around them. From my...
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