Introduction to 21st Fashion

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Lookbook and range building-------------------P 3
Shop report-----------------------------------P 7
Luxury brand---------------------------------P 9
Ethical Fashion--------------------------------P 11
Footwear-------------------------------------P 13
NEXT----------------------------------------P 16
Marks & Spencer------------------------------P 18
Jeffery West---------------------------------- P 21
Tannery visit----------------------------------P 23
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Lookbook and range building:
A lookbook is a collection of photographs to show a style, a model or a clothing line. It usually exists in fashion website and fashion bloggers. lookbook is like a fashion portfolio or fashion diaries, Fashion bloggers update their fashion look constantly online. It can be a record for blogger’s own fashion look and also a record for other people’s looks such as a celebrity, politician or socialite, it can be described as ‘artist portfolio’. Nowadays, lookbook is common for stores and clothing designers to use it to show off products. They include photos of multiple types of clothes, shoes and other accessories from a season or line. Examples of lookbook: known as ‘LB’— the largest online community which established in 2008 dedicated to showcasing member-uploaded "street style" photography. Members post photos on to document their evolving style or a collective gallery from other ‘lookbolggers’. Non-members can also draw their daily fashion style on The most popular looks will be displayed on the ‘Hot’ page. “ was created to bring together creative, interesting, and openminded fashion enthusiasts, and to democratically recognize the talents of real people around the world.” ( 2011).

In a sense, is the world's first, truly editorless fashion magazine. Some lookbooks from fashion brand website:

Range building is usually mentioned with clothing line planning. They are important commercial functions in the fashion industry. The functions include making a good range, taking into account customers, competitors, price points, fabrics, core items and seasonal specials. They are also a key function of fashion merchandiser who may consult with designers and buyers depending on the business operating structure of a company.

The first step of range building is to determine what clothes to manufacture. Ascertain if there is a market for your proposed product, and then be able to define your specialty, both in line and price category. The market for clothes is as varied as the demographic segmentation of the population, it focuses on gender (girls, boys, woman, men.) and age (baby clothes, granny clothes). Also, consider creating clothes for infants, large women and pregnant woman. Further, design clothes for a specific niche market such as for sports enthusiasts and athletes. (Golfing apparel, tennis outfits or swimwear).

Shop report:
Shop report is one kind of report that introduces, describe and present stores and shopping opportunities in specific area. Firstly, a shop report should include a brief description of the area of choice and information about the local demographic. Provide detailed address, contact information and website, give direction that reader can find the shop. Secondly, it should explain what products the shop is selling. Identify whether it is handbags, leather goods or shoes. For example, write a detailed description of the goods in terms of colour, design, themes. Further, outlining the prices of products for the shop is necessary, but it is not a list of every items. Give an approximation like shoes in this shop vary between $99~$500. These three steps are the base of shop report. A detailed shop report also provides a comparison of shops analyzed. Compare their selection of brands,...
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