Introduction or Ice Breaker: Speaking Skills

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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WEEKJan 8-12| NO.PERIODS| TOPIC| OBJECTIVES| TEACHING STRATEGIES| TEACHING MATERIALS| EVALUATION| LEVEL| 1| 1| Introduction or Ice breaker Speaking skill| To set classroom rulesTo give opportunity to get to know each other | Welcome students into the class and set classroom rules with them.Employ an ice breaker activity which is interesting and involves a lot of interaction between the teacher and the students, and between students.| Teacher prepared materials| DiscussionObservation| KnowledgeComprehension| 1| 1| IGCSE syllabus orientationListening and writing skill| To introduce students to the IGCSE syllabus: reading, writing and listening.| Students are given information about the number of papers, the components of each paper, time allocated etc.Students make brief notes in their book.| IGCSE past paper| ObservationQuestioning | KnowledgeComprehension| 1| 2| Diagnostic test Reading and writing skill| To evaluate the standard of the students | Students get ready for the test and do it within the allocated time.| Reading and writing exercises | Teacher marking| KnowledgeComprehensionApplication | 1| 2| Reading comprehension Reading skill | To develop reading comprehension and inferential skillTo develop vocabulary related to themeTo encourage students to convey information and express views successfully| Pre-reading discussionEncourage the students to describe a haunted house they have seen.While-readingStudents complete a true/false exercisePost readingStudents complete a gap filling exercise Students answer few questions based on the article.| Picture of a haunted house Comprehension passage| Discussion ObservationQuestioning Peer marking| KnowledgeComprehension | 1| 1| LIBRARYReading skill | To inculcate reading habitsTo read for pleasureTo gain knowledge through reading | Students choose a book and read with full concentration.|...
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