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Education in our is based on both Western and eastern ideology and philosophy influences by the United States, Spain, and it’s neighboring Asian countries. The quality of education has always been the government’s top priority. As a matter of fact, to address the people basic’s need, Pres. Benigno Aquino III signed the P1.8 trillion national budgets of 2012 allocating P238.8 billion for education “the biggest budget of all departments”. Hitherto, the government’s persistence to offer the best education to the youth remains a struggle concerning not only in the budget, but the curriculum itself. The proposed inclusion of sex education to both elementary and high school level evoked varying opinions, huge deal of argument and debates in Philippines senate. The incorporation of the said proposal in our education was pushed by the former Education Secretary Mona Valisno and Undersecretary Ramon Bacani. Opinions are bisecting which groups agree and disagree. We all know that Philippines are predominantly a Christian country, the Centre of Christian in South East. A home where being a conservative person lingers as tradition. Approximately, more than 80% of the inhabitants are mainly Catholics. But what baffles me, is that albeit of a well-practiced conventionalism , prostitution remains invincible. Heighten figures of early/unwanted pregnancy, cybersex business sprouting anywhere and the alarming rate of HIV increases. Aforementioned above are just few of the many problems which resulted from lack of information and zero knowledge in sex education.

In order for us to find solutions to the problem is to acknowledge what the problem is.

It is not a coincidence that Harry Thomas (US Ambassador) said in a statement, that 40% of male tourists visit Philippines for prostitutes. Neither the sexual insult of this American radio host Adam Corolla had implied that the Philippines are a country of whores, prostitutes and sex workers. To add injury to this insult, he even called Manny Pacquiao a fucking idiot and advised the Filipino nation to get a fucking life and not only settle on stories revolving on Manny Pacquiao.

What amazes me gauging back our history is that Maria Clara is a concrete embodiment of a native Filipina. Apparently, we are a country where surrounded by prostitutes. What’s up now?

It is very painful for me that the majority themselves admit they are serious Roman Catholics devotees and are standing against abortion, calling their selves a pro-life. But in contrary, they are all silent with the glaring truth that at a very young age, a lot of young people today have children of their own. 30 % of all births belong to this age group; and by the age of 20, 25% of the youth are already mothers.

According to statistics, in annual duration, at least 64,000 teenagers have abortions, and studies show that this rate actually exists in our country where abortion is illegal, and yet we claim that we are Catholics.

In a country where conservatives worry about morbidity and promiscuity against sex education, in which I as an author, pays my utmost respect, lies the truth, that there are two million teenage Filipina girls who are pregnant at this moment, while there are approximately four million Filipinos aged 15-19 have already had sexual intercourse and now having sex while you are reading this. We can’t do anything about it. We cannot stop it. The least option we could possibly do is to educate them.

The main cause of an early and unwanted pregnancy is not mere result of the gratification of sexual urges. Oh yeah, you might say it this way that pregnancy would not occur if studies were prioritized instead of “kalandian”. That if there were no (PMS) premarital sex, then there will be no pregnancy then. Pregnancy is a gift ergo; stop blaming the youth, that doesn’t help. Let us listen to them instead. Boyfriend and girlfriend had sex because they love each other, blah blah whatever, but don’t...
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