Introduction of Whistleblower

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  • Published : March 9, 2009
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We Need Whistleblower Act Urgently
Recently, many people are mentioning the buzz word “Whistleblower”. This word originated from United Kingdom where the police will blow their whistle whenever a crime occurs to get the attention of their colleagues and the public. The “Whistleblower” we are talking is to allow the public to be aware of abuses by the government or other institutions, so that action will be taken to correct the situation. Generally, abuses mean someone has violated the law, rules or regulations which would impact the public interest. Such examples are fraud and corruption. “Whistleblower” doesn't refer to something frivolous. It is indeed the most moral choice of an individual so that society will be able to distinguish between right and wrong. “Whistleblower” can only be implemented where everyone recognises sincerity and honestly as the most important value in a society. However, the whistleblower's voice might not be heard when they encounter persecutions by the culprits themselves instead of attending to the problem. Besides, their personal safety are threatened, or worse still, they may face prosecution. It clearly shows that whistleblowers face a lot of pressure, and thus they hope their identity will be protected. Therefore a Whistleblower Protection Act is very important is building up a sincere society. Whistleblower Protection laws differ from country to country. Britain's 1998 Public Interest Disclosure Act is meant to cover whistleblowers. In United States, the protection is based on state legislations. The earliest act, which protects the right of FBI in giving information to Congress, was implemented in 1912. However, a Whistleblower Protection Act should be updated from time to time to encourage more people to disclose abuses. In 1976, the United States has set up mechanisms to come up with a more comprehensive act. Currently, the Whistleblower Protection Act of the United States can be used in 42 states. The protection is complete...
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