Introduction of Vietnam-China Relations Diplomatic

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Introduction of Vietnam-China Relations Diplomatic

The viet Nam -China friendship and cooperation have developed widely and deeply in every fields, since the two countries normalized the diplomatic relations in 1991. The relations have bring about many vital interest for both countries.

1. For political relations:

The two sides have formed framework the long-lasting friendship and cooperation between the neighboring countries. In Feburary 1999 Vietnamese communist party, the General Secretary Le Kha Phieu paid to China in which the high raking leaders approved a guideline to promote the bilateral relations in the 21st century. Under the 16-word motto including "friendly neighborliness, comprehensive cooperation, long- lasting stability and looking toward the future. "

In 12/2000, Vietnamese President Tran Duc Luong visited to China, the two sides signed a joint declaration on comprehensive cooperation for the new century, specify the 16-word motto in specific measures to develop the relationship between the two countries in all area. In 2005, the two sides agreed to turns the two countries into "good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners".

In the visit of General Secretary Nong Duc Manh to China in May 2008, the two sides agreed to develop comprehensive strategic partnership in compatibility with the 16-word principle and four goods spirit. Moreover a hotline were also connected between the high ranking leaders of the two countries which help to establish a foundation for a stable and durable relationship in the future.

Both sides senior leader maintain regular visits and meetings on the sidelines of international conference. In the visit, the leaders of the two countries specify that Vietnam-China friendship is the asset of the peoples of the two countries which needs to be preserved and strengthened. They also stated that they would do their best to deepen the relationship in a more reliable manner. The...
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