Introduction of Sahara India Pariwar

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A Home called “India”, a Family called “Sahara India Pariwar”



Subroto Roy, is the head of the $10bn (£5.5bn) Sahara Group. Sahara Group has interests in banking, media and housing. Subroto Roy began his journey in 1978, when he founded Sahara in 1978 with three workers in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh as a small deposits Para-banking business. Today, the group has diversified into a giant business conglomerate with interests in housing, entertainment, media and aviation. Sahara Group is in entertainment and news television channels, a newspaper, and claims to own some 33,000 acres of real estate across India. It also sponsors the Indian cricket and hockey teams and intends to move into life insurance, housing finance, consumer products, sportswear, and healthcare. Sahara Group has come up with one of the most prestigious real estate projects in India, namely Aamby Valley Project. The project boasts some of the biggest name in Indian entertainment and sports arena as well as some former international Olympic medal winners as its brand ambassadors.

The story of Sahara India Pariwar is remarkable by any standard – a corporate fairy tale. In 1978, Subroto Roy, a man from a humble family with 15 dependents, founded a savings institution in Gorakhpur, a poor area in northern India. He had assets of £22.50, three co-workers and a single office. Today, 28 years later, Sahara India Pariwar is India’s largest privately owned company, with 32 subsidiaries. Its interests span finance, infrastructure, housing, tourism, hospitality, media, entertainment, consumer products, manufacturing, services and trading. It employs 910,000 people – more than any other Indian company apart from the state-owned Indian Railways – has assets of £5.68bn and 1,707 offices. Financial services are Sahara’s biggest division and flag bearer: one in every 17 Indians deposits money with the organization, providing a customer base of more than 64 million people. Roy enjoys his success and is reputed to be high-living man, but he has a social conscience (25 per cent of Sahara’s profits go to social development activities) and styles himself as the “guardian of the world’s largest family”. To his due credit, from just a small fledgling firm in an even smaller UP town, Subroto Roy Sahara has single-handedly created a behemoth of a multi-billion dollar empire, though one that still does not allow transparency in publicly stating financial figures or performance indicators. Perhaps what initially drove this organization to the forefront of capital mobilization and of course, media attention, has been Subroto' s focus on ensuring community fund mobilization through mass marketing, apart from Subroto 's personal obvious drifts towards political power plays. A definitely strong strategic move on his part was to later on invest in diversified business spaces like airlines and media channels. But with recent news about Air Sahara being sold to Jet Airways of Naresh Goyal, and of many of his media channels undergoing mass retrenchment, the focus is back on the next strategic move of the Chief Managing Worker (as Subroto Roy is designated). The Shri factor notwithstanding, this Roy has succeeded in etching his place within the mentions of Indian corporate history. CORE OF SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR

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EMOTION is THE KEY that generates the required energy and enthusiasm for desired quality performance. Discipline
The obedience of laws and orders, which are given by their rightful authority, is their defined...
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