Introduction of Product - Schwarzkopf

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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Introduction of Product - Schwarzkopf
111 years ago, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf ran a small drugstore in Berlin. Today Schwarzkopf – one of the strongest umbrella brands of Henkel – covers all products in the categories of hair coloring, care and styling. Thanks to its extraordinary growth over the years, Schwarzkopf ranks among the market leaders.

Alongside its retail brands (Schwarzkopf Retail), the Schwarzkopf brand portfolio also includes professional products (Schwarzkopf Professional). Henkel is dedicated to the development of innovative product technologies and currently holds over 7,600 patents.

Schwarzkopf, always in tune with the spirit of the times, has repeatedly revolutionized the market with technical breakthroughs and innovations.

1898 - 1930
A remarkable history of innovation
In Berlin, Hans Schwarzkopf opens a small drugstore.

Hans Schwarzkopf develops his first powder shampoo.

Hans Schwarzkopf supplies his ‘shampoo with the black head’ to every drugstore in Berlin. The first international connections are established.

Schwarzkopf introduces the first liquid shampoo to the market and opens the ‘Institute for Hair Hygiene’, the very first training centre for hairdressers.

1960 - 1990
a remarkable history of innovation
Igora Royal! The classic hair colourant.

Igora Toning: Schwarzkopf launches the first color mousse in Europe.

Launch of the ‘Schwarzkopf method’, the first systematic approach to the world of perms which fuses products, consultation, technology and training into a single unified programme.

Schwarzkopf is the first cosmetics manufacturer to convert to CFC-free aerosols for all its sprays.

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1990 - 2000a remarkable history of innovation1991 
Launch of the plant-based colourant IGORA BOTANIC, reflecting a trend towards natural products.

The Schwarzkopf Design Award receives the ‘Innovation Award for Packaging’....
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