Introduction of Information Technology Related to Hotel and Restaurant Management

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Chapter II

Review of Related Literature

Students look forward to the opportunity to choose their academic plans and classes. According to the enhanced cognitive engagement theory, allowing students to choose which classes they enroll in increases motivation and independence which in turn increases a student's cognitive processing and performance, however, the task of course selection is very complex with multiple considerations, most of which overlap with one another. Students are influenced by the different academic portions of the class such as the value of the content, the structure, and the workload. They also have to decide what is important to them with regards to their interests, personal academic goals, and their schedule. But students do not make these decisions alone because they do occasionally seek advice from their family, faculty, and/or friends. Not all of the different considerations of a course are as influential as others, but it is important to know what students want from their classes, what they expect of themselves, and who they will listen to. Educators and schools need to know this information; especially those of elective courses so they can meet the needs of students and have them continue to enroll in their class. More importantly though, if teachers can adapt their classes to better meet the needs of students the students will be more engaged which will increase their comprehension and excitement for the curriculum, which should be any teacher's ultimate goal.

The following paper provides further analysis on the most current research based on influential factors of course enrollment. The first section deals with the academic considerations such as, value and execution, teacher, and workload. The student must also take into consideration their own personal preferences of their interests, capabilities, gender, and their schedule, which is explained throughout the second section. The third component deals with the...
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