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  • Published : September 26, 2007
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Today I'd like to introduce to you a man who started life outside of high school with an abrupt change of pace. Mike Mecuuce was first married in 1986 to his wife and is currently still with her 21 years later. That very same year he also entered the US Navy in 1986 where he spent a lot of time away from home in such areas as Florida, Georgia, New York, and South Carolina, where he worked with submarines for nine years and learned a whole new way of life, and experiences. One experience ended with him head first into a car bumper after having an altercation with the Royal Marines. Meanwhile back at home, as his children grew older he decided it was time to leave the military so he wouldn't miss the opportunity to enjoy watching his two girls grow up. Upon his return he found that he could put more time towards things he enjoys such as playing his favorite computer games, reading a good book or the occasional hunting trip in the fall. He also began his large collection of music which consists of about 700-800 CD's. Among these things he was also able to return to school and pursue a career in the medical field where he currently is employed as an RN. Achieving a master's degree is an objective that is next on Jeff's list of things to look forward to; however it's a toss up between being a nurse educator, or a clinical specialist. But one thing is for sure, which ever path Jeff decides to call his final destination; it will be one that he enjoys
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