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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Chatime is a tea industry that provide beverage in Malaysia. Chatime establish on Oct 2005 in Taiwan. On Dec 2007, Chatime build business relationship with Barbera Group and AJISEN RAMEN. The first Chatime in Malaysia opened on Oct 2010. Now, it has rapidly expanded to over 20 countries with more than 700 outlets worldwide. Chatime is a beautiful and clever brand name because it means "Sunrise" in Chinese, which also refers to Henry Wang's goal, which is the president of Chatime of having Chatime in every place that has sunrise. Besides that, it also clever in play on words that have a double meaning. The first meaning is tea time (Cha - Time), while the other meaning is a place to socialize with friends (Chat - time). Their official website is CEO of Chatime Malaysia is Mr Bryan Loo. E-commerce is also call as electronic commerce, is a subset of ebusiness. It is a purchasing, selling or exchange of goods and services through the computer network. E-commerce category of Chatime is B2C which is Business-to-Consumer. It refers to the business sells its products or services to consumers. Chatime sell their beverage in their retail store to consumers. They market and promote their beverage through internet such as Facebook. They have an account in Facebook to keep their fans updated on the lastest news and beverage of Chatime. By using internet, Chatime can promote their beverage with lower cost and more efficiently. This is because almost all people have a Facebook account nowadays. Chatime is in beverage industry. Chatime sell different kind of drinks. It is a unique Tea concept that is dedicated to make Tea a healthier, refreshing and fun for consumers. It has 8 different series of drinks such as milk tea, fresh tea, fruit tea, oriental pop tea, QQ jelly, mousse, refreshing juices and smoothies. With different series of drinks, Chatime is able to attract more consumers and satisfy them. Furthermore, they can add their...
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