Introduction of Basic Concepts of Geography to a Preschool Child

Topics: Earth, Water, Europe Pages: 3 (1285 words) Published: April 14, 2011
The roundness of the earth can be introduced by showing the globe. Show the child how to carry the globe, two hands on the base. To identify the two elements of the earth’s surface: land and water sand paper globe can be given. It represents the planet earth. Steady the globe with one hand, feel the surface with the other hand. Explore the globe with the full hand, moving it from the top of the globe to the bottom in a slightly outward motion, thus rotating the globe. Convey a lightness of the touch. On the second rotation gives the language . say land when you feel the sand paper and water when you feel the smooth surface. Invite the child to feel the globe. Ask the child to show land and water. Make sure to point out the land is at he bottom of the globe.

To teach the names of the large land masses and water bodies. Land parts are painted in different colours by continent. Let the child carry the globe with two hands to a table. Say this is continent globe. Use one hand to support the globe and rotate it with the fingers of the other hand. Admire it visually. Do one full rotation and on the second rotation give the language continent for the coloured portions and ocean for the blue portions. This big piece of land is called continent. This big body of water is called an ocean. Invite the child to have a turn. Ask him to show you continent and ocean.

To give the impression of the shapes and locations of the continents and to give the names of the continents and ocean a blue hollow ball with the continents drawn in black ink and cut in half can be given. Bring over the prepared ball on a tray. State, with a globe you can only see the side that is facing you. I am going to show you how you can see the whole earth at one time. Compare the prepared ball and the globe, they look alike. The ball has been previously cut in half, from pole to pole through the Atlantic and Pacific ocean leaving the continents complete and taped together with clear tape. Remove...
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