Introduction Letter

Topics: Corporation, Limited company, Gooroodas Banerjee Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Introduction Letter

Fundamentals of Marketing

Dear Suzanne,

Let me tell you a little bit about me as relates to our working together in GBMP502 this term: Positioning [In order to differentiate myself from other students in this class, and help you remember me]: My friends/ family would say I am extremely hardworking, dedicated, sincere and committed to excellence. The fact that I am here shows my perseverance and drive for success and recognition. I have received comments earlier that I look like Ben Affleck and John Abraham (a Bollywood actor because of my dimples). I have a bachelor’s degree in Accounts & finance from Calcutta University and a certificate from The Institute of Company Secretaries India. And my nick name’s PRINCE. So, it’s easier to remember and different in its own way. To sum it up let’s just say I am the “Prince of Calcutta” 

1.My career aspirations are to become a successful investment banker in Canada and later start a business of my own. 2.Jobs I have had that might be helpful in this course are an Assistant Client Sales Executive at a Hotelier Services Private Limited Company and an intern with a reputed Marketing Consultancy Firm in Calcutta, India 3.Something I hope to learn in this course are the various ways of marketing a product globally and the pros and cons of setting a business globally. I would also like to know about the various ways I could prosper or build a career in the field of marketing in Canada. 4.You can help me learn by citing real life examples, helping me relate with situations, helping me with various INTERNSHIP OPPURTUNITIES AND OPENINGS. 5.It’s hard for me to learn if the course consists of too much mugging. 6.I promise to do the following in order to get the best results from this course: attend classes every day along with with listening and trying to actively contribute to my best capabilities. 7.Something else you should know about me : I love to play the guitar, do social...
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