Introduction in Phonetics and Phonology

Topics: Phonology, English language, Received Pronunciation Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: December 24, 2012
The course “Phonetics and Phonology” has a main purpose to explicate how English is properly pronounced. It will present the information based on speech sounds (phonetics) and their usage in language (phonology). This course is essential for every person who tends to have a more profound knowledge of the grammatical study of sounds in spoken English. As in any language, English recognizes a number of phonemes which will be introduced to the takers of this course in order to make them think of English pronunciation as phonemes and not as letters. The first few chapters are concerned with introducing and describing vowels and consonants and their theoretical way of use, as well as further features of speech such as stress and intonation. First, it will be presented the phonemes and afterwards the stress and the intonation in order not to confuse the learners. As for the accent, this course will be focusing on the Received Pronunciation (RP), or the, so called, BBC pronunciation, typical for broadcasters with an English accent. The BBC accent is chosen best by the British teachers for the foreign learners and it has been used regularly for all sorts of books and dictionaries. This course is not aimed for learners who intent to study American pronunciation. Even though the author of the course book recommends the use of the name BBC pronunciation, it has not been generally accepted yet. It has been offered as a suggestion the term General British (GB) as a preferred replacement to RP, but it has not been acceptable for the residents of the other parts of Britain, since the accent belongs to England (not to America neither to Scotland nor other British country). Nowadays, the importance of teaching pronunciation has remarkably advanced, but that was not the case in the past when learners got weaker in communication as a result of trying to sound like speakers of RP with constant repetitive exercises. The aim of this course is, not to speak an accurate BBC (RP), but...
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