Introduction for Inventory System Chap1

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  • Published : September 23, 2011
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This study covers the scope of the project and the various methodologies that will be used to implement the proposed system. The proponents will recommend a system that will perform the requirements of an efficient and accurate record processing of an improved inventory process using information technology tools and techniques. The proponents can properly execute modern processes needed by educating themselves with what and how inventory works specifically with the selected beneficiary of the proposed system. The Generics Pharmacy Castillejos Branch is an advocacy of making medicines accessible to all Filipinos, coupled with free blood pressure check-up and sugar test and full 20% discount with senior citizen. It stemmed from its mother company in 1949. In 1959, when a group of Filipino Entreprenuer took over, the company began importing and wholesaling pharmaceutical products. In 1989, with the prices of medical and pharmaceutical products soaring, the company decided to sell generic drugs primarily to gov't hospitals to help less privileged Filipinos avail affordable quality medicines. To manage their operations, they are using one personal computer as their P.O.S, MS EXCEL to record their daily sales and columnar books to record the inventory of the medicines. As one can imagine the amount of columnar books is enormous and most have been lost or damaged through the passing of time. Hence, historical information is difficult to produce and deprives the store of conducting vital forecasting activities that is necessary in order to perform an accurate count of what stocks levels need to be ordered at what particular time. Knowing this beforehand clearly makes for an efficient inventory process and ensures that no one item is overstocked (having more than what is necessary) or under-stocked. Our proposed system will enable their one personal computer to be used not just P.O.S but also as inventory. The proposed system Point of Sales with Inventory System...
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