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A restaurant or luncheonette is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money. Meals are generally served and eaten on premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services. Nowadays, the requests of customer have been changed since the trend has been changed. The customers based on the quality and taste on food, would like to consider the place wherein the sanitation of the serving place and the place where the cooks cook the quality and quantity of the food they are served. There are many reasons why the restaurant businesses failed. The Filipinos are living in the world with “relationship” with anything like person to person, person to cooperation, person to company, and etc. And one of relationship surround us is relationship with restaurant and customers. To establish customer satisfaction to acquire constant customers, and to use customer as one of marketing strategies, it become one of the important tasks to do so. But to have those kinds of things restaurant, whereas food offers with payment, not only consider quality of food but how to have effective service, price, interior design, and the place where they create their own restaurant. When they fit with those conditions, the customers would have curiosity to be in to acquire their satisfaction of having meals in. The management of the luncheonettes or restaurants must know the customers satisfaction or they meet or surpass customer expectation for the services offered to know what the management of the luncheonette must going to improve to what they served and their services. The other important factor here is how the staffs of the management could maintain the good relationship to customers in interacting or how they treat each other. And how to handle the customers behavior in the way that they will not get offended. Background of the Study

Most of the college students now tends to buy and eat their meals either in the school canteen or outside the university. But they have some issues and concerns regarding where to eat nor to buy food.

In Far Eastern University – Manila, there are canteens and snack bars inside the campus as well as there are lot of restaurants or luncheonettes around near the area. But students considering some concerns like the quality and quantity of the food, a good service, their security, facilities, the price, and also how they are treated. The students have been using canteen, luncheonettes or restaurants for quite some time now because they are not able to prepare their own meal at home. Canteen takes great care of the students/customers even the researchers, great service, and great quality of foods. The most caring people to deliver canteen’s delicious food, superior service and innovative dining solutions.

Statement of the Problem
The study will try to analyze the perspective of selected students at Far Eastern University Manila about the university canteens, eateries, and fast-food Restaurants inside and around the campus, their relationship to customers and costs of food And quality. Specifically, it will seek answer to the different questions: 1. How do the respondents rate the following services of the crew in the restaurants or luncheonettes around Far Eastern University – Manila? a. Service

b. Food
c. Price
d. Facility / Environment
e. Security
2. What are the common problems encountered by the staffs or management to the students – customer? 3. How do the staffs handle the said problems?
4. How do the staffs maintain good relationship to the students – customer? Conceptual Framework
In an organization’s side on measuring whether their business is successful or not, they are depending on sales or profit of the company. According to study at University of Texas in Austin about customer satisfaction, sales figures and if the trend is up or down over...
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