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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Requirements Document



The primary goal of this document is to provide a complete and accurate list of requirements for a Fire and Security Alarm Monitoring System. Upon completion, the document will act as a binding contract between developers and users and will provide a common point of reference for system

Document Conventions

Although this document is intended as a set of Requirements, not a design, some technical information has been included with the requirements description.

Intended Audience

The primary audience of this document includes, but is not limited to, project leaders, the designers and developers of the system and the end user. (Reference 1)


Team International is primarily a software developing company specialising in fire and security alarm monitoring system (‘FASAM’).

Team International has been awarded the contract to supply and implement a FASAM for Everett & Co.

The building in question is a new building, so there is no previous FASAM system installed.

The building in question consists of 2 floors, each floor consisting of 12 offices.

The building will be grouped in ZONES. Zones will consist of x-amount of offices. Below is an example of this. Keep in mind that this is not the actual zone layout representation but just an example to illustrate how the zones will work.


Each zone shall be equipped with various sensors which will monitor for and detect certain threats.

Each zone shall have security / fire doors installed which the FASAM will have control over in regards to locking and unlocking depending on the threat.

Team International has decided, after gathering the requirements, that an automated system with a manual over-ride option, which will be connected to a central control room, will best suit the needs of Everett & Co.

Product Scope

Processes involved in the project scope

The development of this system will include the...
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