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“The Disadvantages of Deforestation to our Health”

Deforestation is the removal of a forest or a stand of trees where the land is there after converted to a non-forest use. About half of the world’s original forest have been destroyed by 2011, the majority during the previous 50 years since 1990 half of the animal and plant species in the world live in tropical forest.

Deforestation occurs for many reasons: trees are cut down to be used or sold as fuel or timber. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. Deforestation can also occur soil erosion to a region.

Trees are very important to our health because trees can give oxygen that we breathe and it absorbs carbon dioxide. And we all know that if there is more carbon dioxide in our planet than oxygen is very dangerous. Our trees are also the main source why floods can be lessened, because trees can easily absorb water.

Deforestation is a big disadvantage in our life especially to our health. Air pollution is a big problem to our health especially the carbon dioxide that our car is giving off to the air.
Forests are very important to us because of the trees. And we all know that a tree gives off oxygen that we inhale to our body. So therefore without trees and if deforestation will not stop or put to an end, then it will be a great impact to the health of humans and also for the animals living in our forest.

In this research, we will know the Disadvantages of Deforestation to our health. Deforestation is ongoing and is shaping climate and geography and that deforestation is a geographical contributor to global warming. We can also know what deforestation really is. For us, we all know that deforestation is the cutting off trees but in reality there is more to it. More that we know. Deforestation is now a part of our lives. Of our health. There are a lot of ways to lessen it and better yet to stop it. Deforestation can be a great threat to us humans and also to the animals and plants that lives in forests. Forests are essential to us and also to them. We can also learn some causes of deforestation. How it was expanded and led us to great global warming. It is not a coincidence that deforestation is now a tradition to us humans to cut down trees without permission. We can say that log bans are being declared to some regions but it is not enough to lessen it. The destruction of the forests is occurring due to various reasons, one of the main reasons being the short-term economic benefits. Corruption at the government institutions, wealth and power due to harvesting of the riches of the forest, population growth and urbanization are some of the common causes. In this research we can also learn how deforestation can be a great disadvantage to our health. And we can learn how we can help to lessen it.

Statement of the Problem

This research aims to answer correctly the following questions: 1. What is Deforestation?
2. What are the causes of Deforestation?
3. What are the effects of Deforestation to our health?
4. How can one person will lessen deforestation?
5. Why deforestation can be a great effect to tropical animals?

If people are properly educated or informed of the disadvantages of deforestation, then they will have the inspiration and the motivation to help change and build our forest, promote reforestation and reduce deforestation.

If people will know the disadvantages of deforestation then people will have the inspiration to help change the world of forestry.

Scope and Limitation of the study

This study is focused on “The Disadvantages of Deforestation to our Health”. This study is also to know why deforestation is still ongoing. Here, we can learn the causes and effects of deforestation. It cannot be avoided because it is now a part of lives so it can only be lessen not avoided. This study also hopes...
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