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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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As a globally acting company, the topic of cross cultural competence and communication is very important to Siemens. When it comes to successfully closing business deals such as selling products or solutions, as well as buying parts or services internationally in order to create most value for their customers, cross cultural management has an impact on or-ganizational and personal behavior and also takes diversity issues into account. Especially on emerging markets as the BRIC-states, integrity and understanding your business part-ners is crucial. The objective of the paper is to construct a scenario and describe a business case where a business deal with an Indian company should be closed in order to understand the cultural differences between doing business in India and Germany. Therefore, the key learning obtained through the lectures in India are taken into account to transfer theoretical knowledge of cross cultural management into a realistic example. This is done through an-swering the given tasks using the constructed scenario. This paper is structured as follows: First, the business case and resulting problems are stated. Referring to that, the market size as well as the market and customer’s preference is described. Based on that, a possible negotiation concept to approach the business deal with the Indian counterpart is presented. This step also includes the experiences gained during the negotiation workshop with Indian students and given recommendations during lectures.

Subsequently, precautions will be pointed out that have to be considered before the busi-ness deal with the Indian company can be formally finalized.
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