Introduce a Friend

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Managing Cultural Diversity Assignment

Introducing a Friend of a Different Culture

Nowadays, Hong Kong society are become more and more diversity, you can see many different nation people in the street. Most of them are come from Middle East. In IVE (HW), there are many foreign students. For understand their culture, I have joined Immix Buddy group this years. Therefore, I meet Jeff.

Jeff is a Pakistani and 20 years old. When he was 12, his family decide go to Hong Kong for better living. Now, he studies in diploma course at IVE (HW). Although he living in Hong Kong 8 years, he just knows a little bit Cantonese, we also communicate in English. It’s hard to communicate with him, because he speaks English very fast and has Pakistani accent. I often misunderstand what he said, but he can know what I’m said, it’s a strange phenomenon.

It’s hard for Jeff eating at outside, because Jeff’s family are Muslim. Muslim can not eat pork and their meat must slaughter in a particular way, they need to recite the Koran when in the slaughter of animals. They must eat halal food. The word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from the Koran, Muslim followers cannot consume the following: 1. Pork or pork by product. 2. Animals that were that prior to slaughtering. 3. Animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah. 4. Blood or blood by products. 5. Alcohol. Therefore, Jeff must go to the particular restaurant.

If Jeff eating in home, wheat and other flour products are the mainstays of the diet. Jeff and his families eat paratha in the morning. Paratha is making by whole wheat flour. Sometime they will add extra zing to paratha by sprinkling them with spices like thymol and cumin seeds and dry red chili flakes. It taste crispy and flaky and go well with curry or dry stir-fry. Jeff explained that...
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