Intro to Visual Arts

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The work, Ancestors of the Passage: A Healing Journey through the Middle Passage by _______ treats the subject of slavery and its effects on women. | Imna Arroyo (p. 50-51) | _______ is(are) usually necessary for someone to be able to create art from the ideas in his/her imagination. | training & practice (p. 14) | Ideals of beauty are: | culturally influenced (p. 45) |

Ludwig Hohlwein's poster "Und Du?" is an example of: | propaganda (p. 37-38) | In the formalist approach the chief emphasis to judging quality in art is on ________. | how the artist manipulates elements of design (p. 48) | Censorship of art was never an issue until the twentieth century. | FALSE (p. 30-31) | Some artists cannot easily explain why they create art. For them, it is ________. | an inner calling (p. 13) | Three-dimensional artworks have ________. | height, width, and depth (p. 16) | A work of art can be judged from very different points of view. | TRUE (p. 46-47) | Georgia O'Keeffe wanted to paint an exact representation of what she saw in nature. | FALSE (p.22-23) | There are no absolute guidelines for judging ________ in art. | quality (p. 46) | The meaning found in art, including the subject-matter and the emotions, ideas and symbols is called __________. | content (p. 32) | Piet Mondrian's Composition (B) En Bleu, et Blanc (Composition in Blue, Yellow, & White) is an example of __________. | nonobjective, or nonrepresentational, painting (p. 20) | For Paul Klee, the act of artistic creation seemed to be a way of approaching ________. | the unseen (p. 42) | When someone pays an artist to create a work of art it is called a ________. | patronage (p. 37) | A naive artist is someone who has never been formally trained in the techniques of art. | TRUE (p. 42) | Maya Ying Lin said she wanted her Vietnam Veterans' Memorial to be _________. | honest about the reality of war (p. 35) | An artist who uses abstraction as an approach is: | extracting the essence of the real object (p. 20) | In Western society, the acceptance of art by women and artists of color has been subject to racial and gender stereotyping. | TRUE (p. 50-51) | The first purpose of applied arts is to: | serve some useful function (p. 24) | Complementary colors are those that are: | opposite each other on the color wheel (p. 133) | During the Renaissance, European painters developed the technique of chiaroscuro, which means: | light and shade (p. 118) | When the figure and ground are about equal in area an artist can create a _________, in which either color can be interpreted as lying on top of the other. | figure-ground reversal (p. 96) | When two-dimensional images are made to look three-dimensional it is called: | illusion (p. 82) | The surface quality of a work is called: | texture (p. 110) | The shapes in Matisse's painting The Snail are called hard-edged because ________. | their boundaries are clearly distinguished (p. 85 & 88) | When a visual effect is so realistic it fools our perception it is called ________. | tromp l'oeil (p. 115) | Atmospheric perspective is a way to ___________. | show deep space by making distant things hazy (p. 101) | On its most basic level, three-dimensional art physically _________. | occupies space (p. 91) | The sculptor Henry Moore was interested in the interplay between _________. | positive form and negative space (p. 80) | Alexander Calder's Cow uses _________ lines to create a sense of three-dimensionality and to emphasize the overall form of the image. | contour (p. 58 & 91) | Real-world objects taken from trash heaps and used in art are called: | found objects (p. 93) | In art the term "scale" refers to: | relative size (p. 105) | The phrase "point of view" is used in art to indicate where the viewer is standing in relation to the figures in the artwork. | TRUE (p. 103) | A shape placed on a two-dimensional surface...
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