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Intro to Technology

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OMT 194 Intro to Technology
Assignment: Metrics and Concepts
This assignment assumes you have collected customer needs and translated them into product attributes. The next step is to define metrics that help you measure the quality of the dozens or hundreds of design concepts you create. Metrics help you evaluate the many ideas and pick the best one. Metrics Assignment:

Your task is to create a needs/metrics matrix as shown in the powerpoint presentation for the squirt gun, but do it for your product. List the product attributes down the left side of the table and the suggested metrics across the top. Fill in the spaces with your judgment of the relationship between a given product attribute and the metrics. Fill in with zero, 1, 3 or 9. Add the columns when you are done and rank the metrics according to how related they are to the attributes as measured by the sum of the columns. Think about this issue: Some of the attributes are more important (have more weight) than others. How do you think you might incorporate the attribute weights into these rankings so that the weights would have an effect on how important the metrics are? Concept Generation Assignment:

Create a function decomposition according to the slide presentation. First, define the overall function and suggested inputs and outputs. Then conjecture some subfunctions. For each subfunction, brainstorm some solutions either both within your team and by looking for ideas elsewhere like the web. Think of all types of solutions for each subfunction, even outlandish ones. Create a Concept Combination Table listing about 8-12 subfunctions across the top and listing all of your ideas for each subfunction below. Calculate the number of possible concept combinations of your ideas.

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