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Topics: Poverty, Self-esteem, Infectious disease Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: March 18, 2013

Tungiasis is caused by the penetration of a sand jigger flee into the skin of its host, Tunga penetrans, Tungiasis is endemic in certain areas of the world and in Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa, the Brazil, it is associated with severe morbidity (Muehlenm et al) Human infections are linked to important socio-cultural factors associated with poverty the practice of walking barefoot or wearing only sandals and sandy floors for those living in un-cemented houses. Transmission mostly occurs by walking barefoot on the sandy soil of disease endemic regions. In the skin, the flea furrows a cavity with the head turned towards the upper dermis, in order to feed on the hosts skin blood for eggs production. The resulting social isolation in turn creates a sense of trauma and reduced self esteem. In this scenario, what were originally normal toes have been replaced by sores and badly ruptured flesh that oozes pus (parasitol Res, 2008). Growing urbanization, improved housing and use of appropriate foot presumably have led to an overall reduction of the occurrence of ectoparasitosis within the last decades. However, it is still highly prevalent where people live in extreme poverty, occurring in many Latin America and African counties. Although the infection has long been known to be a neglected health problem of poor communities, data on the ectoparasite's biology and the epidemiology of the disease are scant methods for treatment, prevention control have never been evaluated in a scientific manner. Tungiasis therefore remains an important public health problem for the very poor, a problem neglected by those who are affected, by the medical professions (Tropical medicine international health, 2001). The ecto-parasitosis is associated with poverty and occurs in many resource-poor a community in the Caribbean, South America and Africa. In some...
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